Lady Gaga in a nude body suit with piping at a piano mid-concert. The piano looks like it's on fire, one leg is up on the piano bench, her hand is curled in her signature "monster" hand gesture, and she's staring right at the camera.

The Smoothest of Brains

Young Ed Markey, an audio that takes us to church, and the fall of HBOMax

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🎵 Top Sounds 🎵

Our curated picks of the top sounds on TikTok

  1. The Church Song That Never Ends 🥴Just when you think it’s over, it’s time for things to get even wilder.
  2. Good Morning USA 🌞😎Look, this sound has been repeating in my head all week. The political content uses are endless. Someone even yassified Trump to it. Use this to respond to current events. Whether it really is a good morning in the USA is up to you.
  3. Lions and Tigers and Bears 🦁🐯🐻What are you scared of? This is the sound to use when you’re ready to share.
  4. Alien SuperstarDon’t even waste your time trying to compete with Beyoncé— especially when she’s bringing ballroom.
  5. I Knew I Smelt a Conservative 😤You know when you just have a sense someone is into Ayn Rand.
  6. I Simply Don’t Want To Know 😌When you’re perfectly content. Head empty. Brain smooth.
  7. What On Earth Is Going On 🐢TikTok users have been making fun of the speed at which Instagram Reels picks up on trends. Personally, I’m hyped for when they learn about cuneiform. Gilgamesh was wilding.

*not for business account use

🔉Our Sound Highlight 🔉

I’m Your Biggest Fan


Sometimes you just need to declare what you are grateful for. People will probably relate. I mean who doesn’t love this feature?

🎥 Video Highlight 🎥

The fight marches on as inflation rises higher and wages continue to stagnate. New Player Alert! Nacho Libre is here to defend our rights as workers in capitalist America, just when we needed him the most!

S/O to Ed Markey’s Teenage Dirtbag moment

I love Ed Markey’s social team. This video is a great example of a solid TikTok strategy. Bonus: this video.

👹 Effects Highlight 👹

Noot noot! Pingu is here, with the potential for content about policing or the struggles of aging.

Please use this filter when you are offered the bare minimum. Like a saying you’re ‘not fat’ is meant to make you Sailor-Moon-magical-girl-transform out of here? Please.

 The Moment 

Issues that are at the forefront of online discourse— WFH

I’m ready to fight Malcolm Gladwell.

I’ve been ready since Talking To Strangers. I mean what truly could be expected from someone who boiled down events that are the result of historic oppression to miscommunication? This time we’re swinging from ahistorical individualism into LinkedIn post level ‘analysis’ of remote work.

I’m going to save us time by eliminating good faith. Here’s the deal: there are more and more articles out there attacking remote work. Many companies have vested interests in keeping employees in offices and (typically) very privileged people have no problem doing some pro-bono work as a mouthpiece for these interests.

Let’s be clear. When Gladwell calls out “sitting in your pajamas in your bedroom” that’s just ableism. Suggesting comfort and rest are incompatible with labor is telling, to say the least.

Allow me to be optimistic, I believe we are heading into a world that doesn’t shame comfort, that isn’t obsessed with using the pummel of laziness to drive profits. I believe this because people have been fighting for that world. Remote work is a result of that fight just as much as it is a result of the public health crises we find ourselves in. It’s just a shame there are so many bad takes in the meantime. 🥱

☕ The Zeitgeist ☕

Hot topics from across the internet

  • There was speculation about the potential demise of HBO Max. As salty as I might be over the cancellation of Made For Love I have to ask: what will happen to Our Flag Means Death (not to mention Minx)?
  • New podcast alert: Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones, and Zach Stafford will be hosting a new pop-culture podcast series called Vibe Check.
  • Jenette McCurdy released her memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died. For former child stars and abuse survivors alike, the book has struck a cord.
  • The Armie Hammer documentary trailer is out (CW: abuse, violence) detailing years of abuse by the actor and his family’s history of alleged abuse.
  • Reductress has been acquired by Phenomenal Media, the media company owned by Meena Harris.
  • Bama Rush is back and so are the TikTok videos. Now, personally, these don’t get sent to my FYP (this could be the result of my belief, growing up outside the US, that sororities were made up for American TV) but believe me the drama, outfits, and dance routines are back in full swing. Roll tide?
  • Andy Cohen must pay for his crimes, because why should Lizzo or Gabourey have to see each other mistaken and then compared? After Kathy Hilton called Lizzo ‘Precious’ the internet got ugly. I’m just tired.

🥡 The Takeaway 🥡

Consistency is key.

When it comes to managing a TikTok account, the advice is invariably to post frequently. It is a tried and true method of getting the notorious TikTok algorithm to get a little more comfortable throwing your videos onto people’s for you pages.

Here’s the thing — you might want to compete with influencers posting five times a day, but burnout is a lot scarier than the algorithm not boosting your content, and a lot harder to fix.

Our takeaway this week is all about consistency. Do what you can maintain. Maybe you won’t post five times a day but you’ll be sure to see your results over time and you’ll avoid the pitfalls of social media burnout.

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