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The downfall of Twitter, the rise of Hive, and Gen Z voters

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🎵 Top Sounds 🎵

Our curated picks of the top sounds on TikTok

  1. We Cannot Escape 🆘Look, this sound isn’t new but it is going strong. Perhaps because it is so niche— you need to be quite literally squashed in without escape. Think about that one desk you dare not open. That’s the energy.
  2. WFH Attire 👚A sound for the remote-work girlies. There are just so many fashion choices for Zoom.
  3. Here Comes The Hurricane 👯‍♂️Best used to vogue— especially if you’re on the literal runway.
  4. What Is That Melody? 😍Have you ever heard something and become immediately obsessed? This is the sound for that. It doesn’t have to be a song, it could be a phrase or an idea. There’s a lot you can do with this.
  5. Quiz Mice 🐁Camila Cabello will be home for quiz mice! Or did she say Quiznos…?
  6. The Rennaisance or… 🤔Showcase what was culturally significant to you. Michelangelo is great and all but what about the hand flex in 2005’s Pride & Prejudice?

🔉 Our Sound Highlight 🔉

Karma (Sped Up)

Mood: dancing disco man in blue

This sound pairs with Oscar, from The Office, chaotically dancing. It’s a sound (and image) for sheer vibes, just celebratory goodness. Booktok, in particular, has been using the sound to showcase their favorite fictional tropes.

🎥 Video Highlight 🎥

Fetterman didn’t just win the senate race in Pennsylvania, he also won on TikTok. The video is simply fun! Bonus points for the puke emoji.

 The Moment 

Issues that are at the forefront of online discourse— Twitter.

Social media is not the domain of engineers alone. But based on Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum to Twitter staff, you’d think the sole value of a site rests solely on engineers.

Engineering is why we have Twitter, the site, but it isn’t the sum total of Twitter the product or social engine. It isn’t just that designers deserve more credit, Twitter’s revenue is based on social capital— the ability of the site to expose millions of users to the stream-of-consciousness musings of celebrities, journalists, thought leaders, and people with anime pfp’s.

Access to the culture of Twitter is a key component of its user appeal. Our cultural zeitgeist, even our vocabulary, has been shaped by this app. It’s a user platform, a social site, as much as it is a broadcaster. As such, it isn’t enough to just keep the channel on, no matter what Elon thinks, Twitter has to retain its relevancy as a cultural vehicle. This cultural relevancy, just to note, has been built upon Black thought.

As professionals in social media, we’re reflecting on what’s happening at Twitter. It isn’t our first time seeing a social media platform fall (there’s a reason we’re not running MySpace campaigns, after all). But this is a platform that has been at the heart of digital organizing movements, a platform where 33% of all US tweets were political. We’re anxious to see where Twitter users go, and if replacing Twitter is even worth it at all.

☕ The Zeitgeist ☕

Hot topics from across the internet

  • Twitter users consider moving platforms but where to is still unclear. Mastodon has seen some new users but there are criticisms that the platform is ‘siloed.’ HIVE Social is also picking up steam.
  • Cancel culture continues to be a marketing tool at least if you look at Dave Chapelle— who, on SNL, decided transphobia isn’t enough, he’d also like to pepper his stand-up with the perpetuation of anti-semitic tropes.
  • Jeff Bezos, full-time villain and part-time space guy, promises to give much of his wealth away but ‘within his lifetime’ so don’t worry, mega-yachts are still on the table.
  • A misinformation campaign about Iran captured significant attention with celebrities like Viola Davis even re-posting the false claim. V had a great breakdown of what went on.
  • HarperCollins workers went on strike for better wages, a big step for workers at the US’ second largest publisher and the publishing industry at large— which is notorious for unlivable salaries.
  • Republicans are mad that unmarried women are voting for Democrats.
  • FTX crashed and burned in the MOST dramatic fashion I’m talking football legends, a toxic polycule, and a Harry Potter obsession.
  • Low vibrational plate season is upon us also known as Thanksgiving.

🥡 The Takeaway 🥡

Gen Z did it. They finally canceled boomers…. or canceled out boomers’ votes, anyway.

According to exit polls, voters under 30 canceled out every vote cast by those 65+ in House races.

It isn’t just Gen-Z turnout that took some pundits by surprise (the common “wisdom” held young voters would not show up) Gen-Z, compared to previous generations of young voters, is overwhelmingly left-wing. In Pennsylvania’s senate race, they voted for Fetterman by a 46-point margin.

Naturally, we’re pretty excited to see Gen-Z have such a powerful impact on this election. As we look out to 2024, the Gen-Z portion of our electorate will be even larger, and it will be even more key to reach these voters where they’re at— both online and with boldly progressive policies.

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